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Exclusive Interview || Change4life w/ R5:

The Change4Life campaign is all about keeping active. What was your favourite way to keep active when you were younger?

Ross: “We’ve played ice hockey since we were three years old, so we were pretty active in that because we did it all the time. We actually played all sorts of sports!”

Rydel: “When I was younger I did a lot of sports with the boys, but dancing was my favourite thing to do growing up to stay active. What’s cool about the Change4Life campaign is that they’re incorporating a lot of dancing into their event. They choreographed a really cool dance to our song Loud - I encourage everyone to go watch it!”

How do you like to spend your down-time when you’re touring?

Ross: “You know there really isn’t too much down-time when touring - there’s always something to do! But usually we’re talking about our album or a new song or something like that. Usually when we’re touring we like to see the city we’re in.”

What’s been your favourite place to visit so far?

Ross: “It’s hard to pick a favourite! There are special things about every city and country. I think honestly I just want to go everywhere.”

Riker: “I always love coming back to London - everywhere in London in general is always really cool to me.”

Is there anywhere you haven’t been yet that you really want to travel to with the band?

Rocky: We really want to go to South America, because on Twitter we always see fans tweeting us from there! We’re really excited to go there some day.”

Do you pick up new languages from European fans?

Riker: “We always try to pick up as much of the language as we can and bring new words into our everyday vocabulary - how to say cheese/I like to eat/OK - all the things we love. Wherever we go we like to eat as much as possible!”

What’s your diet like when you’re on tour?

Ross: “On tour, just because of the timing, we always have to eat what’s around us or eat out. Maybe eventually we’ll learn how to cook on tour, or maybe we’ll be lucky enough to have someone come on tour to cook for us!”

If you could have anything at all on your tour rider, what would you choose?

Riker: “What we’ve always asked before is the local, cool thing to eat… I don’t know if it’s ever happened. It would be really cool if we could get something local from the city we’re in.”

So you’re playing a show tonight how do you like to prepare before you do a performance?

Rocky: “We like to stretch, warm ourselves up a bit! We also end up playing hackey-sack! I don’t know if you guys have it over there but anyway we do that!”

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ross lynch is a fuckin idiot


R5 - Heart Made Up On You Acoustic (Vevo Lift) ➜ rydel


Seeing the world is the best thing. I’ve wanted to do that since I was a child.